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What does the energy star rating actually indicates?

ENERGY STAR is a collaboration unit that was being run by EPA and the Department of the energy. It has set some prescribed values that are to be achieved to be given a rating in the scale of 1-5. The appliances with 5 star rating are highly efficient and the ones with 1 star rating are considered as the ones with least possible efficiency.

What is the address of the nearest dealer?

Please use our store locator tab to get the address of the dealer who is a part of the TACT appliances. If yet your query is unresolved please contact out customer care.

Does one needs to take any special products for the appliances?

You can find the relevant answer in the product information book that will be given along with the product. However TACT recommends following the instructions mentioned in the instruction manual about to do's and not to do's. This will endure the products life and reliability.

I feel that my appliance is running under rated or needs a repair. Who will help me?

TACT service team will offer you 24*7 supports that come to your rescue right at the time you need us. Whatever might be the problem just call our customer care and register your problem, The TACT team will take care of the rest and approaches you within hours.

Can I use the local replacement parts to make the task done?

It is highly recommended to use the genuine parts and don't fall into prey by choosing the best with the price tag. Your appliances will no longer work as perfect as before and all out service and product guarantees will get cancelled.

For any other specific product related queries please use our customer care numbers and speak with our customer care executives to resolve them.